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This is 0 DAY

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We're the place to come to for live support 0-DAY software. find news on the latest developments, discuss about what configs you use, services you want, and more. Be sure you read the following information before participating, especially rules. Not reading them is not an excuse for breaking them! Rules are subject to change at any time without warning. Not reading is not an excuse.

# Respect
"Please be respectful to other members of the community. If someone is disrespectful to you, please contact our administration instead of insulting back."

# Communication Language
"Our general language outside multi-language channels is English. Please restrain from using other languages outside of corresponding channels. If there is no channel for your language, but you feel like quite a few people are willing to have such - please message the administration."

# Channels
"Use appropriate channels for things you post. Only open Tickets in #support channel for example."

# Illegal content
"Any illegal content is not tolerated here. Posting it will lead to a ban and such content deletion."

# No sourcing
"We do not tolerate sourcing of any content which violates Discord Terms of Service. Keep in mind that we by no means endorse cheating in online games, so please refrain from posting links to any cheating software."

# Share code
"Our server prohibits duplicate codes with friend or used transactions and informs you that the code may be deleted if detected" "We can't officially help you with any shared code or second-hand purchases."