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How to open an ID Verification Ticket

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Why an approval?


    The approval system is here to secure our community. Every customer who has access to buy or use our cheats needs to be verified via our approval system. See this system as a trust in front of you, since we are going to provide you with our products (Which are private for a good reason). This system has many advantages, one of them is being able to choose the people we want to have in our community. It will also secure us from Anti-cheats invasions, leaks problems and immature customers who could jeopardize our community.


How secure is it?


All the data sent or requested during the approval procedure will be saved on our servers. Only administrators and selected staff members (currently Super-Moderators) have access to your data.




Have a valid personal ID with picture on it. (Notes: Valid ID are considered as it, if the expiration date is not expired)
Have a phone/camera has the ability to do a selfie.
Have a pen and something to write on.
Speak sufficiently good English to understand all of our guides and manuals how to use the cheat, troubleshoot etc.


How do I get myself verified?


Have a valid personal ID with picture on it.
Have a camera for taking pictures.
Read the following tutorial on How open a ID Verification Ticket. (All request tickets sent to our service which don't follow all steps closely will not be taken into consideration)


How long could it take?


Allow us up to 24-72 hours to review your application.


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